YANGON, 06 Mar 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: Myanmar’s “ethnic cleansing” of Rohingya Muslims is continuing, a senior UN human rights official said on Tuesday, more than six months after insurgent attacks sparked a security response that has driven nearly 700,000 people into Bangladesh.
DUBAI, 06 Mar 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: Oman’s Ministry of Manpower arrested and deported 138 expat workers and laborers in Al Buraimi governate, national daily Times of Oman reported.
ANKARA, 06 Mar 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: Turkey will set up camps to settle 170,000 people in nine locations near Syria’s Idlib, and in the area Ankara controls by further east in northern Syria, Turkish diplomatic sources said.
Us, 05 Mar 2018 [Fik/News Sources]: President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have reasons to celebrate but also ample cause for trepidation as they meet Monday at the White House.
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