By Mirza Mosaraf Hossain, Nearly a month after the arrest of four people in Mumbai for being ‘illegal Bangladeshis’, a team of two men from the Criminal Investigation Department of Mumbai and Kalwa Police Station of Thane district, along with other 14 East Burdwan district administration visited Kalinagar village in the district to verify the claims that the arrested people are Indians. The C.I.D Officer met the neighbours of two of the four arrested workers and verified their documents from the local school panchayat and ration shop.
By Shamsul Islam,  At Kasganj Muslims of the area suffered life threatening violence and wide spread destruction of properties on the Republic Day, January 26, 2018 perpetrated by the organizations affiliated to RSS.
In Asia, the last Blue Moon and total lunar eclipse happened on December 30, 1982. Get ready for a rare lunar event that has kept the Internet abuzz from the beginning of the year. A Super Moon, Blue Moon and a total lunar eclipse can be seen on the evening of January 31.
By Shamsul Islam,  When India was celebrating foundation of a democratic-secular Republic by inviting rulers of the ASEAN and PM Modi called upon the countries to make the region “free from contests, claims” ominous developments were taking place in the largest democracy of the world.
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