Wednesday, 21 February 2018 09:39

Goal in Life

“What is your goal in Life?” This question has remained unchanged over the ages, yet the answers it solicits remain as diverse as ever. From doctor, lawyer, pilot and engineer to sportsman, entrepreneur and even billionaire, every reply aptly reflects the values of the individual answering.
By A G Noorani The Muslims of India face in 2018 a depressing situation not dissimilar to the ones they faced in 1857 and 1947. The old order was gone and they did not know how to meet the challenges of the new and unfriendly one.
Monday, 19 February 2018 10:22

Family Doctor

Most homes have a family doctor, a man qualified in the medical field whose medical advice they value and trust implicitly. From a boil on the chest to cardiac arrest, he is the man they consult in their hour of need.
By Saeed Naqvi, Incidents, similar in their chilling monstrosity, came to mind when I saw photographs of a row of Rohingya Muslim young men, on their knees, hands tied behind their back. Gun-wielding military police, lurking within the frame, eventually mowed them down.
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