By Khalid Khan, The rise of right wing forces has triggered the issue of Babri Masjid to the flash point inIndian politics. Right wing forces in India have successfully reaped the fruits from this issue time and again.Unlike British rulers, the democratically elected secular governments not could maintain the status quo during the last seven decades.
By Aas Mohammad Kaif,  Lohadda, a village situated on the Budhana road along the Meerut-Muzaffarnagar highway, might have a population on only about 3,000, but this small village has left the biggest cities of India behind by raising the symbol of ‘women power’ in a land where females have always received a raw deal.
By Kawaja Kaleem For about twenty-five years now, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been jet-setting from India to US, UK and Europe, holding fashionable seminars, entitled “The Art of Living”  for the well -to- do White people, to sell them the ancient Indian ‘Live and Let Live’ philosophy.  With cleverly packaged and choreographed glib talk, he made many converts in the West and in the upper-classes in India to consider him an enlightened Indian guru.
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A variety of sumptuous meals are presented before you. You choose some and decline to partake from others. The reason for doing so? You do not prefer the dishes you declined, though others find them to be most appetising. Thus your choice was based on your preference — on what you liked. 
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